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Yonah 001

Yonah Bald BobjToday

Lane and I backpacked to the top of Yonah Mountain or as the old timers call it Yonah Bald elevation 3166 feet. We set up a few yards from the cliffs and had a splendid camp. We were both trying out new gear. Lane has a new Marmot tent and I have my new REI Quarter Dome.  We had some pretty high gusts of winds in the early hours and both tents performed excellent. I would say that the cat stove with Heat fuel was a fail but we had Primus stove as back up and of course the campfire.

Lane brought some really cool Celtic music that really seem to fit sitting around the campfire watching the sparks fly up. The views from Yonah were amazing we had a stunning sunset and the night sky came to life along with all the city lights below. We had three visitors come into camp after dark. They were UGA students hiked up in the dark just hanging out. They built a bonfire and hung around for several hours then hiked back down in the dark. Apparently they had a killer lighting system to guide their way.

We had some weirdness with other hikers. Several warned us of high winds and ice very cold they said. When we reached the top there was a  patch of ice in shadows of rock formations but no winds to speak of in fact it quite warm and pleasant. We were also asked it we worked there which we found amusing. I guess we look the part with all of our gear, trappings and such. Lane became the Yonah unofficial tour guide giving folks trail directions, tips and trail etiquette lessons. All in all it was a great experience. We got back to my Jeep only to be blocked in but lucked out that a lady was setting in a truck beside us she pulled forward and we were able to maneuver our way out.

Should you go to Yonah Mountian check out Yonah Burgers. Maybe it was because we were pretty hungry after hiking back down the mountain but Yonah Burgers had some of the best burgers and fries around. Service was great and they were fast getting our drinks as were pretty thirsty.


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