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Star Wars The Force Awakens In Suwanee, GA

I am hanging out tonight listening to a Built to Spill album Untethered Moon thinking about how earlier today Jack and I went to see Star Wars “The Force Awakens” at the Movie Tavern at Horizon Village. There were three boys sitting next to us that looked like triplets.

One was dressed as Darth Vader the other two were Storm Troopers. When the preview for a O.J. Simpson movie was playing they were discussing how they did not know who OJ was but Homer Simpson was pretty cool. Which I found kinda funny.

I had no doubt that JJ Abrams would do a great job with Star Wars which in my opinion he did. The story was interesting and of course the special effects were cool. I liked how the classic characters were introduced and there was a shocker I did not know about.

I was also happy to see Oscar Issac in a leading role. I thought he was amazing in Inside Llewellyn Davis. I was never a big JJ Abrams fan until I saw his Ted Talk about The Mystery Box which was really neat. So we all have something to talk about…the new Star Wars movies…May The Force Be With You! Bobj

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