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Scumbags and Lucky Charms BobjToday

Scumbags. /skum-bag/ slang : a dirty or despicable person dishonest, unkind, unpleasant.

I dunno, scumbag doesn’t seem any worse than deplorable, racist, sexist, homophobic, entitled, bigoted, Nazi, KKK, thug, communist, comrade. etc., (did I miss one?) But the one really unfair comment was that “they” are the type of people that will eat all the marsh mellow charms from the Lucky Charms cereal box. Leaving just the crummy cereal behind. Now enough is enough! That is totally unfair.  I do not believe for one second that “they” would orchestrate such a contemptible act. “They” would certainly be titled “scumbags” for that reprehensible behavior but where is the proof? Just an unnamed source holding a box of Lucky Charms cereal minus the marsh mellow charms. Sketchy at best.



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