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Be Rich Gwinnett Church Volunteer North Gwinnett Co-Op BobjToday

I volunteered at the North Gwinnett Co-Op for Be Rich Gwinnett Church. It was fun stacking cans of food and moving stuff around. I thought the bread thing was of interest. Both a SUV and a pick up truck were packed full with bakery goods from Publix. We were instructed to use a Sharpie and mark through the bar codes so the goods could not be returned for money.

I helped bring Thanksgiving food boxes to the front to be loaded into customers cars. All the food boxes had FOR labels on them. I volunteered a second week.  That was mostly reorganizing canned goods and moving clothing bags to a storage area.

I will check back with Kim after the New Year and see if they need any more help. Kim who runs the Co-Op seemed pretty nice and appreciated the extra help. They support well over 1,500 families with food-holiday meals-backpacks-school supplies-clothing so check them out…see what you can do to help.



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