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Raven Cliff Falls

My trail buddy Lane and I (we don’t have trail names)  had some new equipment to test out.  We headed north to Raven Cliff Falls for an overnighter. Driving up on a Tuesday thinking we would have the trail all to ourselves. We were surprised concerning the amount of traffic…don’t these people have jobs? Anyway it was a fun experience. We found a decent camp site along the stream. We hiked up to the falls. There was not much to see due the the drought.

I really like my REI Flex Lite chair. I am ass challenged and find sitting on rock and logs (if you can find one) a real pain. The chair is excellent and easily packed. Lane was digging his new Big Sky International tent as well. Light weight, easy to set up and roomy. I thought about trading in my Quarter Dome One for a two.  I think I missed my one year window with REI.

It is sort of weird. You are in the woods in the middle of no where, at night is the constant sound of aircraft overhead. I do not think I’ve been out of earshot of some kind of mechanical noise on the trail.



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