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FOR Easter 001Gwinnett Church Easter Services

Code Tie Dyed!

Well ok that would be my joke about how packed the church was on Easter Sunday. They have color codes to let the staff know how much “Overflow” seating is needed. I am not really sure what the highest color code is…I would think red but lets just jump to “Code Tie Dyed” and pull out every chair available. It was a steady wave of humanity coming through the West End door ways.

I was getting worn out just greeting everyone with a “Happy Easter!” But then my routine took a funny turn when this lady walked up to me holding a hanger with a sweater. She then took the sweater from the hanger and  handed me the hanger. I offered to keep it for her but she said to throw it away. This was my first time on the West End and I would much rather be back on the South End doors with the wagoneers.

The wagon pullers are a entertaining group to watch and I pretty much recognize many of the folks that enter the South End which is kinda of nice I guess. So while Andy was saying “Nobody expected no body” I was wondering what to do with the clothes hanger? Bobj

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