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Disney World Never Disappoints!

We went Disney World for New Years Eve 2016. Normally we would go during Halloween or Christmas this was the first for New Years Eve. The neat thing about New Years at Disney is they are still decorated for Christmas. I am not sure how they do it but Cinderella’s Castle appears to be frozen which is amazing.  Another first, we met a family that we know from our neighborhood and it was a lot fun. The Mayer’s were in Florida on vacation and came by Disney for the day.

We all went to Animal Kingdom and I think the big thrill was Expedition Everest. It was their first time to ride it and of course I did not tell them about how the roller coaster unexpectedly falls back in reverse. I think we all had a pretty good day. “Epcot Sucker” Epcot is great for people watching. But I did have a moment when observing all these people having fits, standing in long lines and stuffing their fat faces with popcorn or Micky shaped ice creams…I dunno I started to feel kinda ripped off like a sucker for paying for all this over priced crap but then I realized it was time for my Test Track Fast Pass and I snapped out of it and got back to the happiest place on earth.

Hollywood Studios was another treat. Our niece from Charleston, Sarah Grace was there with friends. It was nice seeing her and she would be back in a few weeks with her family so big fun all around. One of the interesting rentals at Disney is the baby strollers. These buggies are industrial strength and when you see a herd of them coming your way its best to take cover. The kids being carried are either screaming their heads off or hanging out sideways looking around and the drivers are either arguing or looking at maps either way not paying any attention. After your heels and ankles have been clipped a few times you learn to stay clear of “Stroller Stampedes” The Magic Kingdom Magic Hours”

My most fav-o-rite is the Magic Kingdom. I like that it’s still old school Disney and there is a comfort in that somehow. The coolest is the film they project on the castle at night and when Walt appears saying it all started with a mouse it’s kind of touching. It seems every time we go we end up hitting a ride with little or no wait time. Last year it was the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and this year it was Big Thunder Mountain. We rode it over and over with virtually no wait time. On one ride the fireworks were shooting off that was really special and the kids thought it was really cool! All in all our five days at Disney was magical! Oh yeah and the Disney limo that picked us up was xtra-groovy…Disney World Never Disappoints! Looking forward to our Disney Cruise in April…Bobj


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