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Charleston Valentines Day Weekend

We lucked out Valentines Day this year when our kids had a school holiday which gave us a three day weekend so we headed southeast to our beach shack on the Isle Of Palms in Wild Dunes. We had a great time and discovered a new restaurant on Coleman Blvd. Andolini’s Pizza. This is a locals joint very hip and cool. The service is great and the pizza’s are tasty. Very laid back and casual with a excellent menu and beer selection. The guys and gals there know how to sling a pizza pie!

While in town I also hit Jeff’s Barbering for hair cut and beard trim. Eric who I posted a story about in July was on vacation so I went as a walk in and was seen by James. I told James I wanted a haircut and beard trim “do what you think best” I per-claimed. James fixed me up with a hair cut proper and trimmed up my beard to perfection. I should be back in town around May and will stop in for another hair cut. I wonder how many long distance customers Jeff has anyway?

A Hardy Soul. I pretty much spent my days on the beach fishing and wandering about. And yes it was freezing but I brought my winter duds so I was outfitted fairly well. I packed my Missouri Meerschaum pipe I have the Cobbit-Shire as in Hobbit Lord of the Rings style pipe and a tin of McClelland’s Frog Morton pipe tobacco. I also had the good sense to pack a few cans of Holy City Brewing Washout Wheat beer and a bag of beef jerky as I said I was outfitted fairly well.

So there I am at the end of beach near Dewee’s Inlet two fishing lines in the water, smoking a rather good pipe and sipping a beer very pleased having the beach all to myself when a see in the distance a figure strolling my way. He was an older fella and as he drew nearer he called out to me “You’re a Hardy Soul!” We conversed about the weather, tides and fishing then he about faced and headed back from winced he had come. I thought to myself a hardy soul indeed as I opened another can of beer and puffed on my pipe.


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