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Charleston was very interesting this trip. We were invited to attend our nephew Issac’s high school Summer Band Concert. Issac is the drummer for the band that was made up of all kinds of instruments. The concert was held at the Young’s house on the Wando river in Mount Pleasant. The band played a medley of Disney tunes as the sunset on the Wando.  Afterwards refreshments were served as folks strolled on the dock enjoying the evening. It was one of those perfect moments not to be forgotten.

Along with our traditional goings on Bubba Gumps, Pages, Cosmic Dogs and of course getting shrimp from the docks for our annual low country boil. We went to see a couple of movies Despicable Me 3 and Spider Man Homecoming. I was dragged to the Spider Man film. I’m not a big spidey fan but the movie was really enjoyable and the classic cartoon montage at the end was pretty neat.

The City Market had some vendors I had not seen before. There was a very cool guy who talked like the ambassador of Charleston. He makes jewelry and other decorative items from Pyrex. I picked up a nifty Pyrex bracelet made with precious metals. Checkout

This trip I somewhat figured out how to use my cast net. I had seen this guy casting a net using his teeth to hold the rope which I thought was the way to do it. I looked it up on You Tube and found a girl named Darcizzle who has a pretty good instructional video on cast nets. You do not hold the rope with your teeth. So I now cast more pancakes than bananas. I caught all kinds of stuff. Blue Crabs-Sea Bass-Flounder-Sting Ray-Shrimp. All catch and release except for the shrimp that was used for bait.

Planning my escape to Mount Pleasant if my yard leash will reach that far.


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