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Story by Wid Perry

I was a young Sailor learning the ropes and Bob was the perfect Naval Officer to be my first CO. I was too young and new at the time to truly appreciate his influence at the time but later on when I looked back at the various Commanding Officers I served with I realized how unique Bob was. I actually got to know him much better later in life when I was involved in the 2011 and 2016 HS-9 Reunions. Bob would e-mail me frequently over the years with little quips and stories and insights. I got to spend quality time with him at the 2011 Reunion (he didn’t make it to the 2016 gathering). Bob passed away this morning after a brief illness and I wanted to publicly acknowledge and thank a true Officer and a Gentleman, a mentor and a positive role model for young men and Sailors. You were a gentle soul, Sir, and we will miss you. Fair Winds and Following Seas

I arrived at HS-9 after CDR Dalton had left. But I heard alot of stories about him…he was a legend in the HS community. Bobj



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