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Bogie Lives!

Last night I saw The Maltese Falcon at the theater presented by TCM and Fathom Events. It was really cool to see a great classic film on the big screen and Humphrey Bogart in his prime with an all star cast Mary Astor-Peter Lorre-Sydney Greenstreet-Ward Bond. I really enjoyed the film and thought about all people that made the film. They are all gone now-actors-directors-producers-crew but they come to life every time the film is shown.

I also thought that when the film was released we were in the middle of WWII. I wonder did my great grand parents go to the theater when this movie was released…I dunno but it something to ponder. I also recently saw Double Indemnity another TCM presentation. Fred MacMurry-Barbara Stanwick-Edward G. Robinson does not get any better than that! Again it was very cool to see such a classic on the big screen.

One thing you will notice is how quite the films are. No special effects-No sound effects just great acting and story telling. And yes I do have a home theater and own these films on DVD but it does not compare to the big screen experience.

So check it out-see if TCM presents is showing classic films in your area. Bobj


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