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Disney New Years 001Bobj Has Gone To Disney

That’s right I’m off to Disney World to celebrate New Years 2016. The Bobj staff and association of friends will be offline during this time out on fact finding missions to discover, with the use of quantum physics and fuzzy flux capacitors, how to catapult BobjToday into your everyday life – and make it stick this time. I must tell you that last year we went to Disney World for Christmas and my kids challenged me to a how long would I wear my Micky Mouse Christmas Party wrist band.

A week turned into a month and I wore that darn thing for exactly one year. When I finally cut it off, the colors and images had all but faded. Not a Guinness Book world record, but I did have people ask me if I had just got out of the hospital. I always replied that it was my ID from the nervous hospital where I get weekly injections. I don’t know if there will be a Disney New Years wrist band challenge but I am ready if there is…Have A Happy New Year! Bobj

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