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Bob n JeffSo I am hanging out with the Guest Services Team when out of no where pops Jeff Henderson. I was somewhat starstruck standing before the man…the myth…the legend and of course the Pastor of Gwinnett Chruch. Jeff greeted us and when he shook my hand he asked if I had got a good nights sleep…I was stunned, busted by the pastor in the pastors own church…how did Jeff know about the black tie Hollywood party I attended last night and my “For good times make it Suntory times” routine.

Jeff must have notice the surprise look on my face and my hee-hawing around for he then slightly leaned in and said in a low tone “Daylight Savings…Time Change? Oh yeah duh…sure thing Jeff I got a great nights sleep and thanks so much for asking…or it could be the pastor does know everything…I will leave that for you to decide. Bobj

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